Giraffe Lovey



*This handmade Giraffe Lovey is a one-of-a-kind lovey, made with love and made in the USA using USA sourced materials. Baby will be enraptured with the different textures of the yarn through the different stitches used. This stimulation and engagement is great for brain development. This lovey is durable and will last through years of play! (I know because my son still has his and it is still intact and is almost three years old!) These loveys make the perfect baby shower or pregnancy gift, and would be great gifts for Baby!
-This is for a Made-To-Order item that is made after you order so it will take 10-14 days to make and get shipped.
**As an added bonus, every order comes with a Free Baby Board Book!
*It is made with 100% cotton and Poly-fil filling all sourced from the USA. The eyes are embroidered for extra safety!
*Care Instructions-
Wipe clean with a washcloth and let dry. Do not put in the washer or dishwasher.
*I take pride in my workmanship and craftsmanship as I make these adorable loveys while using as much material sourced from the US as possible. Being handmade, these loveys truly are one of a kind. No two will be alike.
*Please never leave the child unattended while playing with this lovey. If something happens that the lovey breaks/ comes apart, please discard so it doesn’t present a choking hazard.
*Loving this lovey and can’t get enough? I have other loveys and even rattles for sale right now, too, in my shop! This Giraffe lovey would go perfectly with a matching Giraffe rattle or even an elephant or sloth rattle for a Jungle theme!
*Looking for a custom lovey? Send me a message and we can make a plan!
Thank you for visiting my shop! If you have any questions, send me a message! I’ll be happy to help!
*Want to know my process?
for the Giraffe, I start with the head and make a big ball and stuff as I go! Making the ears, snout, and horns and sewing those on comes next. After that, I crochet the blanket part of the lovey and weave in all of the ends so they don’t come out, and so the blanket doesn’t come apart. Next comes sewing it all together – first, the ears, horns, and snout onto the head, and then the arms and head onto the blanket part. Next is embroidering any other details like the eyes, mouth, and nose. Last but not least, I take the time to take and edit photos and get everything listed!


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